"Best workshop taken since 1985. I'm declaring my writer's block officially over."  -Kris Demien

A Poet's Rhythm: Fall 2018 Session

Refugees and Exiles: The work of Li-Young Lee and Hala Alyan

8 glorious weeks. 5 in-person meetings (October 21, November 4, November 18, December 2, and December 9) to read together, generate work inspired by two accomplished writers, and commune with each other. Weekly online supplemental materials to keep momentum and spur discussion. A final reading salon to celebrate your creativity and inspire you to continue.

Get insights into your writing and further your practice while creating community. 

Fall 2018 Session: October 21 - December 9, 2018


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Thanks to Claudia's recent fellowship with the Black Earth Institute and this special Poet's Rhythm's focus on refugees and exiles, she will be offering one scholarship that pays for the full class tuition to a new student who has never studied with Claudia before and may not have the financial means to otherwise do so. Email Claudia to apply.


A Poet's Rhythm: Winter Session

8 glorious weeks. 3 in-person meetings (January 25, February 18, and March 18) to generate work and commune. Weekly online readings and assignments to keep momentum. Ongoing online discussions to give you insights into your writing and further your practice. A final reading salon to celebrate your creativity and inspire you to continue.

Winter Session: Jan. 25-March 18, 2018--Sold Out

(SPECIAL SALE: Originally $480, now just $400) 

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A Poet's Rhythm: Fall 2017 Session

Wanting to deepen your writing practice but not sure you have the time to commit to in-person weekly workshops?

A Poet’s Rhythm gives you the opportunity to be bolstered by an encouraging and consistent poetic community, regular assignments and readings by inspiring writers, along with focused critique from Claudia and your fellow participants through the combination of both online and in-person meetings.

We meet the second Sunday of each month in-person at Savage Arts in SE Portland's Montavilla neighborhood to connect, share work, and offer support to each other. We keep momentum through online community hangouts, videos, weekly assignments, and reading suggestions.

Each season will have a different focus that gives you a chance to continue your growth as a writer and to integrate art-making into the life you currently lead.

They work together to form an arc of the year, honoring letting go, releasing, and contemplation in the Fall. And, flourishing, experimentation, and celebration in the Spring.

Student readings follow each session so that you may share your poetry with your extended community.

By committing to a dedicated community, you will create artistic friendships and allies in your creative pursuit that last. Join us and be part of not just another writing group, but an artistic movement.

Fall Session: Sept. 10-Dec. 10, 2017--SOLD OUT!

(SPECIAL 50% SALE: Originally $745, now just $372.50) 

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Complete a Poetic Series

Poetic series are at the heart of many poetry books. Inspiration can flow from and around this central place. This 6-week class will focus on the creation and completion of a poetic series (8-10 poems) for a micro-chapbook or as part of a longer work. Through poetic discussion about poets who have successfully created series and pointed generation, we will craft our own poems and support each other in this effort. All in 6 short weeks. New poets and those poets currently working on a larger book welcome. 

TaborSpace, the Library (5441 SE Belmont, Portland, OR)

February 19 - April 2, 2017 (no class on March 26): FULL

2-4pm every Sunday, $300

Complete a Micro-Chapbook

This 6-week class will focus on the creation and completion of work for a micro-chapbook (8-10 poems) through generation and focused critique, reminding us of the power of working towards a goal in community. How do you write in series? How do you put together a small book? We will explore various forms, read relevant poets, make work to fit our individual projects, learn a few ways to bind work (for self-publishing options), and learn about publishing opportunities, all while supporting each other with deadlines and encouragement. Make something just for you or to put out into the larger poetry world. All in 6 short weeks. New poets and those poets currently working on a series welcome. 

TaborSpace, the Library (5441 SE Belmont, Portland, OR)

September 25-November 6, 2016: FULL

2-4 every Sunday (no class on October 9), $300

Recapturing the Sensual: Poems of Food and Memory

Food is often our deepest connection to each other--from our first taste of mother's milk to grandma's summer peach pie to a lover's spicy shrimp. What lingers after a gathering of friends or family is the feeling that was evoked through the chance to nourish one another. We remember the way it felt to feed our child their first spoonful of a meat pie, a recipe passed down six generations. How it felt to watch an elderly parent eat something that brought back a moment from her youth. Or, the beauty of watching aunts fold tamale after tamale, laughing and joking into the night. In this workshop we will write poems that allow us to recapture that moment of deep sensuality and relationship. Throughout the workshop, we will generate new work, listen to each other, and allow the poems of poets such as Wanda Coleman, Lauren Camp, Cecilia Vicuña, Gary Soto, Olga Broumas, Li-Young Lee, Yusef Komunyakaa, Clint Frakes, and others to return us to our bodies. Participants will generate work and learn tools to take home that incorporate every sense--taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound--in order to inhabit that moment when our bodies and spirits felt equally fed. 

 Nashville, TN: October 7-8, 2016

A Poet's Rhythm

A weekly Sunday workshop with Savage Poetics that allows you to embrace the poet's life through experimentation with form and craft, discussion about your own artistic life and the works and lives of various poets, generating text in-class collaboratively and individually, learning how to give and receive critique, and discovering the poetic rhythm that works for you. (This workshop is deliberately small so that participants can be challenged and supported fully by the instructor and their fellow participants and really play.)

Past Sessions (2015-2016): May 10 - June 14, July 19 - August 30, September 20 - December 13, and January 10 - April 10


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"Today's class (the last few, in fact) was especially phenomenal. The energy of this group is pretty amazing. I am gushy about how much you bring to each class." - Peggy Acott