"sacrifice," "Raw Umber," "Burnt Umber," "If you must, choose wings" in Hawai'i Review as audio and print

"Cerulean" in B O D Y

Bruising Continents is out from Spuyten Duyvil Press in Brooklyn, NY

"Folklore I," "Folklore II," "Into Fire," and "Rubbing Symmetry" in FRiGG

"Long Island Railroad from Jamaica, 1985," "Into Wind," "Into Snow," "Into Splinters," and "Curvature of the Body" in Columbia Journal

"Refusal," text and spoken, in Cordella

"Light on Fire," in Water-Stone Review, Fall 2015 (nominated for the Best New Poets, 2016)

"Two Recipes for Jam Anchored by Lemon," in Forklift, Ohio, Fall 2015

"Learning Abandon" (nominated for a Pushcart) and "The Guilt of the Well-Fed Poet" in The Poeming Pigeon

"The Limited Visibility of Bees" in Nimrod International Journal, Circulatory Systems: Current and Connection, Volume 58, No. 2, 2015

"Thick in the Throat, Honey," and "Composition" in The Denver Quarterly, Volume 49, No. 3, 2015

"You Go Into the Woods Because You Miss Your Body" and "Nantahala" in Written River

"Bruising Continents," in Iron Horse Literary Review, Volume 16.4, 2014

"Even in February Every Woman Wants to Be a Feast" and "Thicker Than Water" in VoiceCatcher, Summer 2014

"Perhaps, Music," The Buddhist Poetry Review, Spring 2014, Issue 12